Argentina, meaning "land of silver," is a wealthy and vast land—second greatest (after Brazil) in South America and eighth-largest on earth. Its heartland is a wide grassy plain called the Pampas (pronounced PAHM-pahs). Here Argentina's gaucho, just like the U.S. cowboy, has galloped into the folklore in the region.

The little indigenous population died from Western disorders, and the population of today is finished 95 percent Western. For Italian, German, as well as other immigrants inside the late 19th century, Argentina placed to offer that was great. Today the urbanization and literacy costs are superior, the child mortality rate and also the birthrate are reduced, and many Argentines consider themselves middle class.

000 people, some thirty disappeared—the Desaparecidos—in the " dirty war " through the junta's 1976-1983 tip. In April 1982 Argentine forces invaded the British- used. Beat by Britain during the 1982 Falkland Islands battle relaxed the dictatorships stranglehold on democracy.

Ever since then much has been won: the ceiling of weight, greater independence of the press, and increased foreign investment. However, economic fall was caused by a serious recession by the end of 2001—followed by vulnerable economic growth. The economy is plagued by unemployment, even while the world likes the continent's greatest per capita income.

The Andes mark the western edge in Argentina, building the border with Chile. The highest peak within the Western Hemisphere, Aconcagua, dominates the Andes at 6,960 meters (22,834 feet). Toward the ocean, gently rolling plains expand eastward in the Andes. A lot of the Pampas, including a rich agricultural part, occupies this location. Northeast Argentina attributes Iguazú Falls and rain forests. These stunning falls, on Argentina's boundary with Brazil, fall along a 2.7-distance (1.6-mile) top in a horseshoe shape. South of the Pampas, windswept and dried Patagonia exercises Ushuaia, together with the world's southernmost town for the tip of South America.


- fabrics, Industry: Food Processing, cars, consumer durables
- Agriculture: Sunflower seeds soybeans; livestock
- automobiles, Exports: Edible oils, fuels and electricity, cereals, feed

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